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Templar Quest in the Languedoc, France
Knights Templar, Cathars & Troubadours, Rennes-le-Château


The Languedoc is highly seasonal, but over the last few years weather has become less predictable. You should therefore bring a range of clothing, including waterproofs. You should also allow for extremely hot weather in the summer (light clothing, sun hats, sun cream, etc).

Montsegur is located on mountain tops. The climb is not too demanding - around 30 mins. Safety precautions in France are not the same as those in most English speaking countries, so sturdy footware and hiking sticks are recommended. The paths is not steep but is very uneven.

Holiday Insurance is recommended, as is a mobile telephone (cellphone).

Other things you might find useful: camera, torch, binoculars, map of the languedoc.

An extract from the mysterious Voynich Manuscript

An extract from the mysterious Voynich Manuscript


What is Included

  • Hotel accommodation for six nights
  • All breakfasts, lunches and dinners
  • All entrance fees
  • Transportation to and from tour sites
  • Expert guides and speakers along with a tour manager will look after all of your logistical needs.


What is Not Included

  • Travel to the Languedoc
  • Travel insurance (strongly recommended),
  • Personal expenses, including bar bills.




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