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Templar Quest in the Languedoc, France
Knights Templar, Cathars, Troubadours, Rennes-le-Château, Megaliths




Templar Tours in France



Quest Schedules

5 days + arrival day + departure day (six nights)

Please contact for tour dates.


Typical one-week tour

Day 1 - Sunday - Arrival

  • Arrive at hotel in the afternoon
  • Welcome Supper at the Château St-Ferriol.


Day 2 - Monday - The Rennes-le-Château Mystery

  • Breakfast at hotel
  • Travel to and visit the Château de St-Ferriol for a 3 hour presentation by Henry Lincoln, author of Holy Blood, Holy Grail, in the Knights' Hall of the Château St Ferriol where Henry presents findings and recent research.
  • Lunch with local specialties, with Henry, at the Château de St-Ferriol during which Henry will be happy to answer questions arising from the morning presentation.
  • In the afternoon, we travel to and visit Rennes-le-Château, including the museum in Abbé Saunier's presbytery, the Tour Magdala, and the famous village Church.
  • Return to hotel
  • Group supper at local restaurant


Day 3 - Tuesday - Cathars and Troubadours

  • Breakfast at hotel
  • Travel to and visit to the Château of Montsegur: walk up to the iconic castle where over 200 Cathars perished in 1244. Discuss the concept of "heresy", Catharism, the Albigensian Crusade, and the Inquisition. Early Christianity and the Gnostic gospels. Otto Rahn and the treasure of Montsegur. (optional visit to the museum for those who find the climb too challenging)
  • Lunch in a restaurant in the Village of Montsegur..
  • Travel to and visit the Château of Puivert. Discuss the Troubadours, Occitan and Occitania, the origins of courtly love and "Romance".
  • Return to hotel
  • Group Supper at local restaurant.


Day 4 - Wednesday - The Knights Templars

  • Breakfast at hotel
  • Travel to and visit to the best preserved Templar village in France: Discuss the Templars, their origin, purpose, "rule" and organization. Banking and secret codes. With author Tim Wallace-Murphy
  • Lunch in a restaurant in the Templar Village, with Tim Wallace-Murphy
  • Travel to and visit more Templar sites. Discuss their military structure, their role in the Crusaders, their trial and eventual fate with Tim Wallace-Murphy.
  • Return to hotel
  • Group Supper at local restaurant.


Day 5 - Thursday - Monastic Orders, Cistercians, Dominicans and others.

  • Breakfast at hotel
  • Travel to and visit to the Cite of Carcassonne: walk up around the city walls, visiting the Basilica, discussing medieval cities, medieval architecture and medieval warfare.
  • Travel to the Abbey of Fontfroide.
  • Lunch in a restaurant in Fontfroide.
  • Visit the Abbey of Fontfroide, a well preserved Cistercian Abbey now in private hands. Discuss monasticism, Saint Bernard and the Cistercians, Saint Dominic and the Dominicans.
  • Return to hotel
  • Group Supper at local restaurant.


Day 6 - Friday - Ancient Sites - Megaliths & passage grave

A day trip to visit two very different styles of passage grave.

  • Breakfast at hotel
  • Visit the Allée Couverte de Saint-Eugène, a circular cairn style burial near the village of Laure Minervois, situated amongst picturesque pinewoods. The original capstones and covering mound are long gone but the beautifully restored walls and chamber show very clearly how the structure’s closed interior would have looked.. With author Rupert Soskin
  • Picnic lunch with Rupert Soskin
  • Visit Morrell das Fadas (the hill of the fairies), the largest passage tomb in Southern France. Situated on a pretty hill to the northeast of Carcassonne near the Town of Siran. Although only a single massive capstone remains in place, the imposing walls and 24 metre-long passageway show just how impressive this site would have been when in use, with Rupert Soskin
  • Return to hotel
  • Group Supper at local restaurant.


Day 7 - Saturday - Departure

  • Breakfast at hotel
  • Depart




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