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Templar Quest in the Languedoc, France
Knights Templar, Cathars, Troubadours, Rennes-le-Château, Megaliths



Our Resident Experts / Quest Leaders

All of the experts who will accompany you are resident in the Languedoc and know the area intimately. They are all subject matter experts, accomplished public speakers and published authors.


Henry Lincoln

Henry Lincoln is best known for his seminal BBC television documentaries and later the best-selling Holy Blood, Holy Grail about the mysteries surrounding the French village of Rennes-le-Château. Today he continues to write and develop his work on the discoveries he has made.

Henry Lincoln’s early career in theatre and television as an actor and screen-writer contributes to the drama, suspense, lucidity and flair with which he delivers his research. Today he has shaved away all that was speculative and focuses on the facts, which he presents with his unique verve. In 2003, Lincoln was awarded an Honorary Knighthood of the Militi Templi Scotia order at Newbattle Abbey in Scotland in recognition of his work in the fields of Templar history and sacred geometry.

His works include:

  • Three BBC2 Chronicle documentaries about Rennes-le-Château, written and narrated by Henry Lincoln.
  • The Lost Treasure of Jerusalem...?,
  • The Priest, the Painter, and the Devil,
  • The Shadow of the Templars (with Michael Baigent and Richard Leigh)
  • The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail (with Michael Baigent and Richard Leigh)
  • The Messianic Legacy (with Michael Baigent and Richard Leigh)
  • The Holy Place: Discovering the Eighth Wonder of the Ancient World
  • The Secret: 4-part documentary written and presented for Tv2 Danmark
  • Key to the Sacred Pattern: The Untold Story of Rennes-le-Château
  • The Templars' Secret Island: The Knights, The Priest and The Treasure (with Erling Haagensen)
  • Origins of The Da Vinci Code" DVD (with Erling Haagensen)

Holy Blood, Holy Grail



Dr Tim Wallace Murphy

Tim Wallace-MurphyIrish born internationally known author and lecturer, Tim Wallace-Murphy is the author of thirteen published books. He has appeared in numerous TV documentaries and has given lectures from Seattle and Long Beach on the West Coast of the USA, in Canada, Great Britain, France, Italy and in Prague.

Eleven of his works cover historical aspects of spirituality, including the Knights Templar, the Cathars, Rosslyn Chapel and the Western Esoteric Tradition as well as the Grail genre.

  • Custodians Of Truth: The Continuance Of Rex Deus, with Marilyn Hopkins
  • Rex Deus: The True Mystery of Rennes-Le-Chateau and the Dynasty of Jesus, with Marilyn Hopkins
  • Hidden Wisdom: The Secrets of the Western Esoteric Tradition
  • The Mark of the Beast: The Continuing Story of the Spear of Destiny with Trevor Ravenscroft
  • Templars in America: From the Crusades to the New World with Marilyn Hopkins
  • Cracking the Symbol Code: Revealing the Secret Heretical Messages within Church and Renaissance Art.
  • The Enigma of the Freemasons: Their History and Mystical Connections
  • Rex Deus: the True Mystery of Rennes-Le-Chateau and the Dynasty of Jesus with Marilyn Hopkins
  • Rosslyn: Guardian of the Secrets of the Holy Grail
  • What Islam Did for Us: Understanding Islam's Contribution to Western Civilization
  • Knights of the Holy Grail: The Secret History of The Knights Templar

The Knights of the Holy Grail

Tim's books on
Tim's books on
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Rupert Soskin

Rupert SoskinRupert Soskin is an independant writer, presenter and photographer with particular interests in natural history and archaeology. He is widely known for the much acclaimed film Standing With Stones and accompanying book of the same name, exploring the megalithic sites of Britain and Ireland.

His latest book, Metamorphosis, astonishing insect transformations, published by Bloomsbury, was a three-year mission to record the little known aspects of the life cycles of insects. Published in September 2015, Metamorphosis has been lauded as a stunning achievement in nature photography.

He continues to research both disciplines, regarding them as completely symbiotic. He has been known to observe, “You can’t visit megaliths without walking past a thousand different organisms along the way”. Rupert is currently researching and writing for new projects in each discipline, one on the evidence for a global megalithic culture in prehistory, the other on intelligence and consciousness in the natural world.

Rupert Soskin's book, Standing With Stones

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